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TL;DR - Angular and Skip Links

Cassettes, man... We've all got that one friend who's a little long in the mouth when it comes to their stories. "You're never going to believe what happened..." Pretty sure I will believe it. And pretty sure it will be 15 minutes spent before an underwhelming payoff. More often than not, we let them drone on, making occasional nods toward inconsequential plot points or details we've heard before, secretly hoping they would just get to the point. If you were born before the 90s, transport yourself

What's In a Name

One of the Groundhog Day realities from the beginning of my professional career involved the frequent inability of clients and even coworkers to accurately recall my last name. I had been there weeks, months even, and it seemed like the random variations kept turning up: Maple, Martle, and my favorite, Markle. Growing up, I had many peers with far more challenging, interesting, and syllabic surnames; I would have never expected that Marple would pose as much of a problem as it has. To be honest, I